Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I am sitting here (not in a good mood mind you) waiting for a friend to come over and administer a long overdue strapping. As he puts it......... I have had this coming for way too long and a mere spanking will not suffice. No warmp-up over the knee for me today. I am going to be "leathered" and "leathered but good" (again as he puts it).

I am sitting in my armchair as I have been told to do with my my pants and panties already around my ankles so I am well aware of what is imminent. I have been here for almost and hour. I really can't stand sitting here but know things will be worse for me if I try to get up or move. He will know. I cannot lie to him. I have started to squirm and the chair fabric is very scratchy on my naked butt. I want it to be over. I do not care for the belt. I cannot be still and it doesn't always land where he intends it to (my fault!) and then I am marked.

I can hear the clock ticking and my neighbors coming and going down below. My windows are open which means I will HAVE to stay quiet or they will hear. Who am I kidding??? They will know before the 4th or 5th stroke that I am getting my rear end blistered. I am mortified at the thought but cannot help but wonder what they think... they have to know! Do they think it is weird?...amusing? .....enviable?

I try to breathe and calm my nerves. The adrenaline has already started. My heart is beating faster and I can feel it in my ears. Oh God... I hear his car. His engine has a distinct rumble. I can't help myself but waddle over to the window and peek through the blinds. DAMN! it is him and he just saw me at the window. I will be doubl-y sorry for that mistake. I go back to my chair and try to compose myself. My heart is pounding now. I am already sorry.

I hear him coming up the stairs, Oh God.. I can't breathe. A whimper escapes me before he even opens the door. He walks through and takes a long hard look at me. He doesn't smile. (Oh God .. he has NEVER not smiled! ......or at least said hello??) He is not happy with me. I can't help but fill with tears. He notices but shows no sign. I expect him to tell me to turn around, bend over and grab the seat of the chair (my usual strapping position) but he just stares. He also has not removed his belt yet. I am confused. He motions for me to go to my bedroom. I gulp... why? Why the bedroom? This is not normal.

Once there, he tells me to remove my pants and panties stuck around my ankles. It is the first thing he has said to me and his voice sounds weirdly empty. He motions me over the bed and then I know this is going to be like no strapping I have ever had. He takes my hands and proceeds to fasten them to the bed frame with some sort of ties he has. Then he grabs my ankles and fastens them together. I am starting to whimper out loud now. I know what is coming.

Again, he does not undo his belt as I expect but goes to the bag he has brought with him and pulls out a handful of straps. I gulp out loud. These are new. He stretches three of them across me. one on my lower back, one on my buttocks and the other across the tops of my thighs. The coolness of them makes me gasp and I subsequently moan. He tells me that the few spankings he has adminsitered have done little or no good in changing my behaviour. I am stubborn, lazy, moody and irresponsible beyond belief. (I am .. he is right) He tells me I am to be "leathered"...(still not sure what that is). My heart is screaming now - threatening to jump right out of my body. He assures me that once he starts applying the strap it will not stop until I am cherry red from my waist down. I get no breaks, no pauses or time in between to catch my breath. He tells me that this will be a lesson I will not soon forget. While he speaks he slowly moves the three straps across the skin of my behind and legs. He stands up and gently says, "Katy, I want you to know this is going to hurt." (DUH - I think I know that)

As if he is reading my thoughts he smiles finally.... "No, i don't think you realize yet just how you are going to be blistered." He leaves me again and goes onto the patio to have a cigarette and prepare himself. This is usual but I hate it. More waiting. More nerves. I feel the straps on my back and know that shortly I will be screaming and crying for it to be over. I don't want to cry but I know I will. I know I need to.

He is back.... it is time. The waiting is over.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Aunt

They told me they had called her and she was on her way.

I said "Whatever" in that "tone" that they say I have all the time. I just wanted them gone. My "parental units" were so getting on my nerves lately. In my face all the time about the stupidest stuff. "Do this... do that.. clean this sty of a room". God.... it is MY ROOM isn't it. They just don't "GET IT".... and I don't think they ever will.

They are packing the car for a weekend "getaway". My aunt is coming to stay with me while they are gone. Like I need a babysitter - I am almost 18 years old. They keep reminding me that that isn't main reason she is coming. They think she can help with my "attitude" and "general disposition"...whatever the f$*cK that means. They think I am "outta control". They don't know shit!!! I have never met her but I know they think she is a bit on the 'odd side' as my mother puts it. From the pics I have seen she looks "odd". Very androgynous and cold. I don't think I have ever seen her smile.

But..... she is "on her way now".... Yipee!. Can't wait. I say goodbye to the parental units and then grab a coke and flop down on the sofa. I really should be working on a term paper for Monday but just don't feel like it right now. I watch tv for a bit but nothing good is on so I head into my room and start looking at my homework. UGH!. I try to read but it is SOOOO BORING. I start to doodle on my notebook and suddenly I look out my window see this woman walking toward the house. She is down the street and walking very purposefully with very long strides.

I suddenly go cold. My bottom fall out of my stomach and I don't even know why except that she has a look in her eye that makes me nervous. I am not sure why. What the f*%ck..... I don't get nervous around adults. This is dumb.

It takes a while before I hear the knock. I yell "It's open!". She knocks again. I yell louder this time "IT"S OPEN I SAID". Third time - jeez she must be deaf. "I'M COMING... hold your horses!!!" Shit!... I go to the door and as I open it, my stomach drops again! Totally weird! I don't get this.

"Katy?" she enquires? "That would be me" I answer. I try a smile but her face stays blank. She walks right past me and drops her duffle bag onto the coffee table. "You and I are going to have a "discussion" the likes of which you have never had", she says and looks me right in the eyes. I roll mine thinking "oh god... what is she going to lecture me about... she just friggin' got here". She pulls out a chair and gestures for me to sit. I don't move. She grabs me by the shoulders and the next thing I know I am sitting in the chair. She brings her face down only a few inches from mine. " I am here because you parents informed me you are in serious need of an attitude adjustment and that, my dear, is what I do. I get rid of shitty little "tudes" like yours." I frown... not really sure what she is talking about but she continues. "So... I am going outside to smoke a cigarette. You will go in and clean up your bedroom, make your bed and then call me when you are ready for me to check it." I looked at her like she was nuts (which I was beginning to think might be true) but then I just decided it would be easier to "humor" her so I got up and went to the bedroom. (I slammed the door just for effect too but she didn't comment) I looked around at my bedroom - which was a total sty. I probably should clean it up because I can't find anything anymore but I don't like being "told" what to do. That doesn't work for me. So - I went back to doodling on my notebook. About 20 minutes went by and I didn't hear anything from the other side of the door. Suddenly she opened the door. "Hey, you need to knock first.. ", I started to say but stopped when she began to grab everything on the floor and throw it into a pile in the corner. Mostly clothes, but some shoes, magazines, etc. She then pulled comforter & top sheet off the bed and threw them in the pile as well. She then took everything in the pile and threw them out on the front lawn. I was flabbergasted. "What the hell do you think you are doing?" "Stop it you idiot" I screamed at her, "Have you lost your mind????". (Now I was convinced of it) The look on her face though - shut me up. I have never felt like I did at that moment. For some reason I felt like I had gone to far. I actually knew it more than felt it... you know down deep in my bones. I went cold again. I was scared. I looked at her face and suddenly I was very scared. She must have seen it or felt it too. The next thing I new she was unbuckling the leather belt that she had on her jeans and pulling it out through the loops. (Oh my god!) "No way" I thought. "No way" ...she wouldn't dare. I started to open my mouth but she simply raised her hand and pointed at the bed. "What?" I stammered. "Bend over the end of the bed", she said and I suddenly had a flash of what was going to happen. I froze. "Bend over the end of the bed - NOW!". I started to argue and then I saw the look on her face. I couldn't speak. I am not sure to this day "why" I did it but I did. The next thing I know she had unzipped my denim shorts and had them down around my ankles. I wanted to run but I couldn't. Something inside me was screaming that I deserved this and I needed to just let her do it. "I am going to blister your white little ass until it is red from top to bottom, side to side." (again, ice cold inside) "The more you move - the longer and harder you're going to get it..... Your choice!. .... Understand?. I nodded and suddenly my eyes filled up with tears. Shit! I didn't want to cry like a little kid in front of her.
I looked away so she wouldn't see them but God, I hadn't been spanked since I was a really little and I was so humiliated.

She grabbed my panties and yanked them all the way up above my butt. The minute the belt made contract I knew I was in trouble. It stung. It stung alot. Every time it smacked my behind I jerked and tried to move away from the blow. It whisted before it struck and then this really loud "crack" and then sting would just explode across my ass. I lasted about 6 or 7 and then I started to cry out. I tried so hard not to show any feeling but damnit it really really hurt. She just kept on landing blows all over the place. She even started down the backs of my legs. I wailed! "Ow.. that hurts... STOP... ow.... I'm sorry... please... no more.Pleaaaase.". She paused for a moment and I realized I was panting. I was sort of in a cross between panicking and feeling like I was going to lose it. She came closer and then doubled up the belt. She placed a hand on my lower back and then started in again. "Be still" she said calmly, with no emotion in her voice.

"No! No! ......No more please...." Oh my God... it stung so badly. I felt like I was on the verge of tears and I was trying so hard not to lose it. My hand kept trying to cover my behind but she kept grabbing them out of the way. She literally blistered my backside all the way down the backs on my knees. I could feel heat everywhere. I knew I would have a hard time sitting for a very long time. She stopped and let me moan and whimper for a bit. I was proud that I hadn't cried yet although I wanted to so badly. "I am going for a walk" she said. "You are going to pick up everything off the lawn and have it put away by the time I am back. "I am going to cut some nice long switches while I am out and if everything isn't spotless when I get back you and I are going to have a yet another "discussion". ....understand?". I nodded, but didn't move.

She walked out and I heard the front door shut. I stood up and ran into the bathroom to see the damange to my rear end. OH MY GOD!... I looked like i had a 3rd degree sunburn all up and down my butt and back of my legs. I was sore.. it hurt to walk even. I was kind of pissed. I got really angry all of a sudden. No one has a right to treat someone this way. I may mouth off on occastion and I admit I am no picnic to be around from time to time but that doesn't deserve the kind of punishment I just received. I wondered if my parents even knew what she did???
It certainly wasn't any like any punishment I had received from them. I started to put my shorts back on when I realized that they didn't cover enough of my ass and you could see strap marks on my legs. I blushed crimson. I couldn't go outside like this - other kids would see me.
I actually didn't want to put anything on it was still stinging so much. I crawled back onto the bed (facd down of course) and tried to massage the paint away. It didn't help. I was feeling very sorry for myself. I knew I needed to get up and go get the stuff in the yard but I didn't want to move. I just wanted to lie there and figure all these emotions out. I am not sure how much longer I laid there but suddenly I saw my aunt walking down the side of the house. And she did have swtiches in her hands that she was tearing the leaves off of as she walked.

I FREAKED! Oh my gosh. I didn't know what to do - I grabbed my shorts and threw them on and started to run outside but then stopped. I knew she would see me. Shit.. Oh my god - what do I do. I started to try and think of a hiding place. I actually thought of sliding under my bed, but suddenly the door openened and there she was. I backed away.. starting to blubber some excuse. She just shook her hed slightly and put her finger to her lips shushing me.
I burst into tears. Just started bawling like a 5 year old and I didn't even care because I knew o matter what I was gonna get it. She just let me cry but proceeded to take all of my clothes off except for my bra. I couldn't argue, I couldn't fight ... all I could do was bawl like a baby.
She placed a pillow in the middle of the bed and then placed me face down over it with my butt on the pillow and higher up in the air. I started to beg her. I promised to do anything. Anything she wanted. I promised I would never disobey her. The whole time I was begging I was sobbing at the same time and at times I coudnn't catch my breath. I knew it was coming and I couldn't deal with it. She took my hands and tied them together with a scarf in the small of my back. I became hysterical. Again, she placed a hand on the small of my back and said very calmly. "I am going outside to smoke a cigarette. You are going to get youself under control. I am going to swtich your backside and stripe your legs til I am convinced that you have a learned your lesson. It is going to be a very hard lesson, but when I am finished you will thank me for it.

She left the room. I cried for another 5 minutes or so and then started to try to calm down. I had to get control. I was panicking and I hated feeling that way. As i lay there I started to feel a bit calmer. I felt all the frustrations I usually felt melting away. Maybe I should cry nore often.When I was really, truly honest with myself - I had to admit that I had been pretty nasty lately. Deep down, I knew I truly desrved what was coming and it calmed me even more to admit that.

"Ready" she said. My body froze. I hadn't heard her come back. Trembling I said "y-yes".
I remember the pause before she started best of all. It was like slow motion. I rememer the feel of the cool, crisp sheets under my naked body. I was embarrassed but I liked the feeling all at the same time. I knew this was going to be hard. Probably the hardest thing I was ever going to have to deal with. I was afraid of the pain. I couldn't stop trembling but I also knew that when it was over I would somehow be different so it was okay. I stretched out, took a deep breath and exhaled. If you have ever had a switching there is nothing else that compares. It burns in a slew of places all at the same time and before you can recover from one strike - three more have rained down on you. I was wailiing from the start. The strikes came hard and fast with no pauses whasoever. I was begging and pleading and sobbing and panting all at the same time and in truth, I sort of lost myself in all of it. I don't remember the things I said, or how much i cried. I do remember thinking that people three houses down much have heard me. I also remember thinking they are proabably enjoying hearing that shitty smart-mouthed katy getting such a good old fashioned licking. Strange what goes through your head and what you remember.

She paused and I was panting like I had just run cross country, blubbering through my tears so that whatever I was saying was gibberish. I relaxed for a moment. I was sweating too - not sure why. She walked over and wiped the hair back from my eyes. I was still panting when she started in again. It was unbearable!. These really high pitched wails were just rushing out of me. Then it turned gutteral - sobs from somwhere deep inside. I was trying so hard to evade those switches that I was bucking like a bronco. I was all over the bed but it didn't matter - she managed to land strokes every where she wanted to. She and I both knew when fight in me sort of dissolved. She stopped. Again, I cried like a baby. This time though she crawled up on the bed next to me and gently rubbed my back. She told me I had done well and to just cry and let it all out. I did. For a very very long time.

When I sat up she was gone. On the dresser was note from her saying...."I know you katy - I know you better than you know yourself. I do believe you will you need a visit with me from time to time. I will know and I will be there."

I dressed and went into the yard to pick up the mess.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Yes, Viriginia there is a Santa Claus

Odd. I had a strange thing happen to me a few days ago. I was standing in the checkout line at Target not really paying attention, sort of looking at what I was purchasing, not sure if I should be spending non-existent money on the Christmas clearance items that I had in my basket. (You know...... the "do I really need this" dialogue we all have w/ ourselves when we think we are getting a deal but don't really need the items.) Suddenly a very deep voice from behind me quipped, "Could you please move up - they are waiting for you to empty your basket". I spun around slightly annoyed, planning to say something like, "Don't get your knickers in a knot" and found myself staring into one of the most strikingly beautiful women I have seen in years. She actually took my breath away and I sort of just stared for a minute totally forgetting what I had planned to say in response. She didn't smile. I sort of stuttered an apology hoping to clear the air but she didn't seem happy. I guess she must have been in a hurry because she seemed rather irritated. I apoligized again and told her she was welcome to check out ahead of me. She just stared right back at me and said, "No, I want you to hurry up". I was flabbergasted. (stupid word but totally appropriate in this situation) I didn't know what to say. "Are you sure" is what slid out of my mouth (I know dumb, but I didn't feel in control of any of my faculties at this point). She strongly informed me, "My dear, I...... unlike you, know exactly what I am purchasing. I think it would benefit you greatly in the future to know what it is you want to purchase prior to entering the check out line. Consider this a lesson. And I do believe by watching you for all of 5 minutes that you have a great many lessons to learn." Okay...NOW I have been struck dumb. Totally! My hackles that normally would have already sensed the mood and jumped to the forefront ready for battle went nto hiding and were nowhere to be found. My usual smart mouthed, sassy, one liner response mechanism - GONE!

I shook my head in disbelief (still unable to utter a coherent word - much less a sentence) she started to laugh. I swear to God - I have never had so many conflicting feelings and responses going through my body all at the same time. It's like I short circuited. Meanwhile my body is going nuts. Even with all this stuff firing in my brain (picture nuclear meltdown)..... I want to kiss her.....right there in front of God and everyone! (Yep! - Right there in the conservative Christian Target.) More than that I want her to kiss me and for all of 15 or so seconds I actually had a thought that maybe she was thinking the same thing and she just might. OH GOD!!! Anywhere between 5 seconds and 3 hours passed (couldn't begin to tell you which one). When I finally was able to breathe again, she leans over and starts to help me take items out of my cart, placing them on the conveyer belt. She laughs again and says completely matter of factly. "My dear, (oh God she called me "Dear" again) If you take any longer I am going to have to take you over my knee and spank you for holding all these customers up". OKAY REAL MELTDOWN!! The knees gave out and I started to swoon. Okay, you tell me?? DID SHE KNOW? WAS IT A COINCIDENCE? IS IT FRIGGIN' TATOOED ON MY FOREHEAD? (perhaps not such a bad idea when you think about it......) Well, being as out of control of my body and its subsequent functions as I seemed to be - I did the wackiest thing I have ever done. I welled up big time and started to cry. Now she was apologetic all over the place thinking she had upset me. "No", I assured her, "you haven't upset me one bit". (Am I ACTUALLY going to say those thoughts hovering just above my tonque?????? - Surely not) And why I thought I had any control whatsover at this point is beyond me. I didn't. Unable to look at her directly (damn I hate my submissiveness sometimes) I gulped and said "No, it is the comment you made about spanking me. It sort of hit a nerve" "In a good way though", I added quickly. "I know it makes absolutely no sense but I truly think it might help me more than it would hurt at this point in my life". "I am so scattered lately." (okay that was pretty good - someone up there was on my side suddenly). She smiled but didn't say anything, but she did keep looking at me like I was a creature with 6 heads or something. At least I felt that way. I finished with my purchases and sort of nodded goodbye. I sort of floated to the car and wondered if she would follow me out but I never saw her leave the building. I was a little down on the way home trying to figure out what the hell had just happened and why I am such a blubbering idiot sometimes. At the bottom of one of my bags I found a slip of paper that just said Andrea and a phone number. We are meeting for lunch on Wed. I will let you know what happens.


Hi all, sorry I have been away and unable to post for so long. It was unavoidable - but I still feel like I have been a very bad girl and should be taken in hand and spanked to remind me not to let it happen again. Any suggestions?


Tuesday, August 09, 2005


i walked into the church so slowly it seemed i was floating...i didn't look left or right - but stared at my feet and just kept putting one foot in front of the other. it was dimly lit with most of the light coming from the many flickering candles lining the sides. i exhaled. i hadn't even realized i had been holding my breath. i sat down in the nearest pew and waited... i bowed my head and said a little prayer asking for strength. suddenly i heard a strong voice from behind me.... "follow me, my child". i stood and turned but could only see the back of his robe walking down the aisle and into a corridor. after a few more winding turns we came upon a bank of similar doors. he gestured for me to enter and then followed. i entered the small, confining space and immediately felt a sense of panic and the urge to bolt. but instead, i swallowed hard and whispered, "forgive me father for i have sinned".

"we know, my child" he responded, "that is why you are here".

i opened my mouth to speak but he silenced me with a gesture. "we know of your sins, he stated.."you will be punished". for the first time i looked into his eyes and silently asked what I already knew. "Oh yes, my child", he answered, "it will be painful - you will need to prepare."

two sisters entered the room and began to help me undress. one carefully folded my clothes, placing them on a nearby chair while the other tied my hair back. i was trembling but not from the air on my naked skin. i was modest and tried to cover myself. the sistera led me a long, wooden bench and stretched me face down lenghtwise on it. it felt very hard and cold. now i was truly scared. i heard priest come around to the side of the bench. "you will now be strapped, my child, thoroughly and completely..... until i feel you have been washed clean of your sins... do you understand" he asked? i tried to answer but no words would come. I nodded in acquiesence.

he stood to the side and proceeded to pray. it seemed an eternity and my fear began to take over. i began to cry quietly. waiting was excruciating. as the first crack of the strap whistled through the air I tensed. it landed. i winced - determined not to cry out. another landed. it hurt so badly tears sprung into my eyes unbidden. he did many fast strikes in a row and i moaned so loudly i wasn't even sure if the sound was coming from me. God, how it stung! more cracks .........and suddenly he isn't pausing in between anymore. it is a constant strap upon bare behind and I find myself squirming unintentionally to avoid the contact. he is unhappy with the movment and orders me to hold still. i try so hard but cannot control my squirming. he gestures to the sisters to hold me and i bridle at the thought of being held down. one sister holds my ankles while the other one stretches my arms out in front of me. she has a very firm grasp. the next thing i know the strap has started in again. i clench my rear thinking it might be a bit of protection but there is no protection to be had. he is strapping me hard and fast. i cannot catch my breath. it hurts beyond anything i have ever imagined and i am beginning to want it to stop. i mutter a "please" but no one responds. no one save the strap that keeps biting into me and burning my backside. it stings and i am on fire. i want it to be over... i am trying so hard not to cry but a sob escapes me and one of the sisters says "go ahead my child - let it out". i do. suddenly I am wailing and crying and begging for it to stop. it continues. i am beside myself. "it hurts!!!", i cry and the sister just nods her head. I am growing to a place where i need it to stop and it doesn't. i am on the edge of panic. my cries are starting to resemble screams and still it continues.

suddenly it does stop. it is silent except for my cries. i begin to truly sob. one sister lets go of my legs and the other one gently strokes my hair. "this is necessary" she says. "you must be brave". i look up incredulous that it might not be over. i see the father is now holding a switch in his hand. he is calm but waiting. "oh no, oh no, oh no" i stammer. "i cannot bear it".
"yes, you can - and yes, you will" he says without any expression whatsoever. The sisters then help me off the bench and place me spreadeagle upon the wall. there are small rings that they secure both hands and feet to. i turn my cheek so i can see the father behind me. hs is ready - i can tell. i close my eyes and pray for strength.

no words can describe the feeling once he begins. it is like liquid fire raining down up on the back of my legs. i am screaming for mercy. it is painful beyond words and i hate it and deserve it all at the same time. i want it to stop and I want it to burn more. he reads my mind. he finds new spots to burn. i am bucking and thrashing as much as i am being thrashed. it continues for an eternity. i hear a long, continuous high pitched wail coming from somewhere, not conscious that is is me. the switching ends.

i hear them praying behind me but cannot make out what they say. I am panting, choking on my sobs and saying my own prayers it is over. the sisters untie me and gently lead me over to a small cot in the corner - holding me up as i cannot walk well yet. they place me face down on the cot and gently rub oil all over my thoroughly blistered backside. i cry softly now. i have been punished well and so deservedly. i feel cleansed. i am free.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


This isn't so much a fantasy as much as something that happens to me at different times in my life. I am wondering if anyone else has felt/thought/ or actually done anything like what has been going thru my head the past few weeks.

When my desires get so strong and I don't have an outlet for them, I see strangers in everyday life (the checkout lady at the grocery store..or the waitress that waited on me at lunchtime...... the postal clerk at the post office.....the janitor sweeping the hall at the school...etc.)and I think about walking up to them, explaining to them how awful I have been and how badly I need to be spanked and spanked hard, then asking them if they think they could take me into the bathroom or back room somewhere, pull my pants down and proceed to spank me until they were convinced I was a thoroughly punished and truly sorry for my misdeeds.

I often find myself staring at people and measuring the possibility of whether or not I think they would be "open" to it. Perhaps - one day soon - I will grow the courage to ask.

Ah... the possibilites!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Piano Lesson

Okay - I got a major major spanking today. She blistered my butt royally. It has been over two hours and It still is stinging like crazy.

I guess I deserved it but I certainly wasn't expecting it. At least not to the extent she went to. She has spanked me once before but it was just a few smacks on my butt with her ruler while she admomished me for how little I had worked and practiced the week before. I actually was embarassed that time but I also thought it was a little but funny. When she stood up today and told me she was going to "spank me til I couldn't sit down" - I laughed and I guess maybe that pissed her off cause she was on a mission from then on.

Basically it was fast and hard and I was face down over the piano bench before I could blink. She has this ruler that she uses to tap out the rhythm of the piece I am playing. I like to play the piano but I don't like to stay in any time frame and I HATE to practice. Sometimes when I start dropping my wrists she will smack my hands with it. Well this time, she started in on my backside that was stretched over the piano bench with a fury. I couldn't even respond because I was so surprised and not sure what was happening - but damn, it hurt!!!!! I couldn't even catch my breath. I was gasping for air.

Oh.. and of course I had to have shorts on so the next thing I know... she starts on the backs of my bare legs and I screamed. I guess she liked the response she was getting because from then on she blistered the backs of my legs without stopping for what seemed like forever. I was kicking and crying out and bucking like a bronco trying to avoid where I thought they were going to land (somehow now that I think back on it - was probably not the brightest thing for me to do... I think it made it worse) I even have red stripe marks on my calves!!!

Suddenly she stops and there I am panting and moaning and still so in shock I don't know what to say or do. I start to get up and she says.. "Oh no you don't ..... you stay right there young lady....I will inform you when you are finished with this lesson!" I lie back down trying really hard not to whimper. God it hurt. It hurt so much I couldn't even cry. She leaves me there and goes into a back room Next thing I know she is on her cell phone discussing me with someone but I can't figure out who. I am starting to get very nervous. I now have a rock in my stomach and my heart is beating like it is going to jump out of my body. I HATE just lying there with my sore butt up in the air. I CAN'T STAND the waiting. It is like I hear ticking in my head.

Suddenly she reappears with a black leather belt in her hand and says "Katy, you have had this coming for a long, long time. You are undisicplined, lazy, sassy and I for one will not allow you to behave like this ever again. I have spoken to your father and he agrees that stronger measures need to be taken to correct your behaviour... SO..... I am not going to blister your fanny and you are going to do exactly as I say or this will be a weekly event. I blinked, and swallowed and wanted to run out the door. I think she saw the fear in my eyes because she reached out, grabbed my arm and led me over to the couch. I was really scared and managed to say..."please don't - I will do whatever you ask me to do from now on but please not the belt...please!". Well, now it was her turn to laugh. She motioned for me to bend over the arm of the sofa. I felt my shorts pull really really tight and just prayed it wouldn't hurt as much as I thought it might. THEN THE WORST!!! She reached over, grabbed my shorts AND my underwear and yanked them down to my akles. I screamed and said "NO WAY" and stood up and yanked them right back up. Well... that did it.. She snapped. She doubled the belt and started strapping me bare legs where I was already really sore and I wailed. Every time she used the belt she would say..."Pull down your pants right now". I wouldn't but she kept strapping my legs sooo hard and I was crying now and asking her to stop and all she would say was "I SAID PULL DOWN THOSE PANTS"....

Well, me being the stupid stubborn mule that I am - held out as long as I could. When I finally couldn't stand it I yelled "Okay, Okay, Okay" and then pulled them back down to my knees and started bawling like a baby. All she said was... "You go ahead and cry because in a few minutes you are REALLY going to have a reason to cry!" Well, I have to say she was right. Never, EVER underestimate the resolve of a pissed of piano teacher. She bent me back over the arm of the sofa and then proceeded to strap my bare ass but good. I don't even remember that much except I was blubbering and pleading and crying and kicking all at the same time and it just went on and on. I had to hold on to one of the cushions to keep from reaching back to protect my butt. Funny thing is.... during this whole time I felt sort of weird. Sort of a part of myself was watching myself "get it" and realizing that I truly did deserve it. I think somewhere inside me I had wanted someone to "notice" and make me "accountable" for all the BS I had been dishing out. All of a sudden I stopped fighting the strapping and just let her punish me. I think she noticed the change because she slowed down and the last few smacks weren't quite so hard. I was still crying but I was quieter and started feeling really light headed and floaty. She sat down next to me and said "Katy, I am sorry I had to hurt you, but you know you had this coming and I do believe this was the only way I could truly get your attention and get through to you. You have much to much talent to throw away like you have been and I refuse to put up with your attitude and disrespectfulness anymore. Got it?" I nodded. I got it. She left and I went to my bedroom and probably cried for a whole hour. The whole thing really affected me and GOD am I sore!!!! I can't even lie on my back. My butt is still so on fire. The other weird thing is I have played the strapping over and over in my mind since she left. I don't ever want to go through that again, but I can't stop thinking about it. I wonder if in my future lessons I will be able to think about anything but her spanking the living daylights out of me?

Monday, August 01, 2005

In the Cabana

I was about 13 or 14 when I was given a very thorough spanking in one of those beach cabanas. I was SO MORTIFIED. It was a communal one that people used to change in. Not very big but it had a couple of old wooden benches inside. I had been sunbathing and swimming most of the day and then sort of "got into it" with my mom over not watching my little brother. I remember mouthing off about how it "wasn't my job to watch him" (Not the best response on my part!) Well...... the next thing I knew, she stood up, grabbed her bag and my little brother and then told me to get up, get my clothes and go change in the cabana. I sulked because I thought we were leaving and I was going to be lectured all the way home but I also knew by the tone in her voice it wasn't going to do me any good to argue.

I picked up my stuff and walked into the cabana and started to change. Suddenly she barged in and told me she had had entirely enough of my smart mouth and was "OVER" being talked to that way. I said I was sorry thinking it would appease her but she was really wound up. She sat my brother one one the benches and told him not to move or her would get exactly what I was going to get. She rummaged through her back and pulled out a hairbrush. I immediately got that awful feeling in the pit of your stomach because I had only been spanked a couple of times in my life, but they were bare bottomed and really really hard and I never EVER would have imagined she would do it with other people nearby. She told me to pull down my bathing suit bottoms and bend over her lap. I was in shock and just stood there. I didn't think she would go through with it but I guess I was just making her angrier and angrier. She said "I am only going to tell you ONE MORE TIME!! TAKE THE BOTTOMS OFF AND GET OVER HERE!" Well, knowing what her spankings were like and knowing that I didn't want anyone to know... I started blubbering right there; pleading and begging to be let off and promising she could spank me all she wanted when we got home. I am a MAJOR "baby" when I know I am really going to get it. I think all the crying and whimpering just fueled her resolve. The next thing I knew I was face down across her lap and she was yanking down my suit bottoms and whaling away with the hairbrush. My suit was still wet which meant my behind was REALLY sensitive and as soon as the first few spanks landed I was wailing. I mean WAILING. I have an ear piercing wail and as embarrassed as I was, I was way more concerned about how much it stung. I kept begging for her to stop and promising not to do it again, but when she started spanking it never seemed to matter. She would stop when she was good and ready to. I must have said "Mommy .... PLEAAAAASEEE...Not HERE" about a hundred times. I tried so hard to protect myself with my hands but she just kept on spanking and moving my hands out of the way. It seemed like forever before she stopped and then when she did all I could do was bawl like a baby. She told me to get up and finish changing and then meet her at the car.

It took me about 10 minutes to stop crying and calm down. I was so grateful that no one walked into the cabana during that time, but I also knew everyone had heard me get totally spanked for miles around. I was so mortified when I walked out that I couldn't take my eyes off the ground. I could feel everyone staring and I heard a few whispers and started to well up all over again. When I got to the car, Mom was a bit calmer and said "I am sorry I had to do that, but sometimes talking just doesn't get through to you..... I expect you will remember this lesson for a very long time."

No joke.

To this day I cannot see a cabana w/o blushing.

Blog Virgin...(shudder..) My first time ever :)

Hi all,

My name is Katy and this is my first blog post ever. I wasn't initally intending to do my own, but thought... hmm....."why not"? I sort of stumbled into the Pink Bottomed girls site and fell in love with it. Just in case they didn't know, "Pink" & "Brat" are such an inspiration to me. Their relationship is what I have looked for my entire life and just haven't quite found it yet. They do give me hope. ...(wistful sigh)...and Mr. Nightly I think you are a dream come true as well!!!

About me: I am a true spanko at heart and have a zillion and one fantasies. I have had major MAJOR spanking fantasies from about the time I could walk and though perhaps this would just be a great place where I could share some of them (and vice versa)... so feel free to respond.

I am a 40yr old (going on 17). I love EVERYTHING to do with spanking. I still consider myself a newbie in some respects. I would love to be in a relationship with a woman who could firmly take control of the discipline I have been wanting and needing for so long but finding someone like that is difficult at best. So... I have channeled those unfufilled desires into a very rich fantasy life. Don't get me wrong.. ...I haven't thrown in the towel yet, I am still looking for that partner who loves to spank naughty, naughty girls. But until I do... the fantasies will have to suffice.